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NEW: 2 Player Paper

For the next several weeks, I will be releasing free printable games in a series called "2 Player Paper".

Every game is for two or more players, and hearkens back to simpler times playing games that only required a sheet of paper, a pen, and a friend.

So far, I've released two games, 'Flowers of Fratulon' and 'Blob-Gro'. Both are simple abstract strategy games where players take turns either growing a flower up to the sky, or adding on to an amorphous blob.

I hope you'll enjoy these games as much as I did making them.

Rules are included in the PDF so you'll be able to reference them as you play. Flowers of Fratulon also includes a "blank" version where you can design your own levels.

These games are available now, and a new one will be released every Thursday for the next month, so keep an eye out by following us on Twitter: @gladdendesign

Have a great week!


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